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Google Buzz

I have just tried out Google Buzz, a twitter-like service from Google which is available through Google Mail right now. Clients are expected for mobile phones of various makes soon.

I like the concept although it’s not as innovative as twitter was when it came it is still a really good implementation of a social microblogging feature. That Google saves it in ”conversations” just like email threads is what makes it great. Even people you are not following are included in the conversations so they are quite complete and nice.

It integrates with many google services and Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and so on and your own web side if you have an RSS feed from it, therefore I think it is a great integrator of what you are doing.

People have however raised concerns over that if you join the service then anyone following are able to see the email addresses you routinely email with. I am not too concerned about this but you might want to think through this before joining.