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10 k in the rain

Went running again again at Järvafältet. One of my harder runs for a while actually, it was raining and I was not sure how to dress properly. I mean, I know what to do generally, if you are hiking you use an outer shell, a warm sweater and a moisture transport inner layer that keeps you dry but when you go running or do other high pulse activity the outer shell rather acts like a plastic bag, meaning that even if the rain does not soak you, your own sweat will in an hours time or so.

Gore-Tex or similar functional garments don’t have the capacity to transport enough water vapor, especially not when it is raining on them and so it seems that wool is the way to go. Keeps you warm even when it is wet. Functional t-shirts and fleece sweathers would also work, especially microfleece, they transport loads of moisture but keep you warm even if they are soaking wet.

And then there is the wind. Someting more tightly wowen in wool would probably be best as a middle layer. So a functional tee, a wool warm layer and a microfleece sweather, together would probably be a better combination than what I was wearing today.

I had just a runner’s jacket and trousers, a functional tee. Socks and underwear as usual in cotton.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,17.862053&spn=0.122834,0.268135&t=p&z=12 width=500 height=500 marginwidth=1 marginheight=1 frameborder=1 scrolling=no]

Above you can see the route I was running today.

More info on the run here.