Etikettarkiv: iOS


I just found a great Swedish invention out there that I wanted to share with everyone who are taking notes at some time or the other. First of all, the idea is to have low contrast lines or squares on your papers so as not to be distracting as the normal patterns are on normal notebook / college book paper is.

The whitelines paper uses white lines by printing slightly grey around it. It is ingenious for many reasons, one is that the lines are not visible if you copy or scan your paperwork. And now with the digital mobile camera you can scan yours or your friends notes in a second and also send them automatically to dropbox, evernote or have them mailed somewhere with a simple app that you can get for both iOS and Android. Using the Whitelines Link it goes automatically and can correct for skewing and perspective. It’s awesome.

Here is the kicker. If you don’t feel like buying their pre-printed stationary you can print it yourself by downloading a PDF file from their home page. They have PDF files for lined and squared A5 and A4 papers. Print them, make your notes, scan them with the Whitelines app and then find them in your dropbox. Never loose a field note again.

The trick is that they have printed codes in all 4 corners of the papers. Codes that reminds you of QR codes (but are simpler). The app finds these codes and can then perspective-correct your photo scan of your notes.

On their site you can also buy tags to put on your white board. Then when you scan that it will also perspective correct and store your brain storms and what not in your phone or you can share with any one of your services really.

Check it out, it’s neater than you would believe!