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Sleep resume in Ubuntu screws up mouse pad

I found that my Lenovo laptops did not always get the mousepad right when coming out of sleep or hibernate. After a bit of research I found that a modprobe remove and insert of the psmouse kernel module did the trick.

To automatize this you can insert a file in the systemd control structure to fix the problem yourself (if you are experiencing it). Below is a block of code. Save this to a file in /lib/systemd/system-sleep/touchpad

# 2019 Täpp-Anders Sikvall
# Reinsert kernel module for mouse pad on lenovo after waking up
# from a sleep or a suspend so that things like gestures work 
# properly
# bugs to
case "$1" in
     exit 0                  # Do nothing just return
     sleep 3                 # Wait for system to stabilize
     modprobe -r psmouse     # Remove psmouse from kernel
     modprobe psmouse        # Reinsert psmouse to kernel
     exit 0                  # Return no error
     exit 1                  # Normally we should not be here
     ;;                      # but if we are, return error