Training Wk 15-16

6k done! Now two more weeks trying to make that my standard distance and then another increase with about 1800 meters that will take me to 7k8 and then another couple of weeks on that distance before attempting 9k7 which will be very close to my 10k goal for August.

I think it is possible. I have increased training dose a bit but allow for rest in the weeks also. After a long run outdoors I generally schedule a short one on the treadmill, I have noticed that short runs (2 km or thereabout) increase the blood flow and lowers the recovery time after a long run. While in the gym I also do general strengthening exercises for stomach, back, arms, shoulders and upper back which seems to be helping also.

This week has seen a bit more rest than usual mostly depending on the really bad weather and I am going to make one more run tonight aiming at the 6k again.