Training Wk 37

Another three good runs this week, all pretty decent distances, speed is improving, condition is improving leg strength getting there but slower. Best run was no doubt the blue track at Altorp on Saturday, lovely trail running, up and down, up and down, hills, rocks, roots, easy to take the wrong turn (which I did a few times actually) and then also a really tough run, I had to walk some parts of it.

I also did the old run to Jakobsberg and back again, this time having a steady jogging pace pretty much the whole way. It is becoming a favourite this one, first asphalt for about 4 km then dirt road for another 2 km ending with a bit of asphalt for about 700 meters.

Day by day

Kallhäll – Jakobsberg – Kallhäll in total about 6,4 km quality jogging from my home on the asphalt down to Jakobsberg, the major city in Järfälla commune and then back again on the other side of the rail road on a good dirt road. It was a little bit rain in the air and a cool autumn breese. Made the whole trip very nice.
From home through Bolindervägen, then down to the Lake Mälaren following it back home. About 4 km of good jogging, slow tempo, good work all the way.
Altorp 4 km – wonderful weather and the best run of the week.

This Week

Total distance 15,07 km Total tim 2:16:56 HMS
Avg tempo 9,05 min/km Avg. speed 6,6 km/h
Max. HR 165 bpm Avg. HR 151 bpm
Training Effect 4,2 TE/EPOC Energy spent 2 435 kcal
VO2(max) 48 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 189 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 78 l/min Max breathing 41 bpm

Last Week

Total distance 14,7 km Total tim 2:12:34 HMS
Avg tempo 9,01 min/km Avg. speed 6,7 km/h
Max. HR 166 bpm Avg. HR 148,3 bpm
Training Effect 4,2 TE/EPOC Energy spent 1 876 kcal
VO2(max) 31 ml/kg/min Peak EPOC 174 ml/kg
Max. ventilation 80 l/min Max breathing 39 bpm