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Screen capture on Galaxy S with Android 2.2


I found more or less by mistake how to make a screen capture on the Galaxy S Android mobile. Other such instructiond requires the installation of an SDK or similar but this anyone can do really.

Go to the screen you wish to capture. Then press and hold the back/return button for a couple of seconds and then hit the middle button. A camera shutter sound is played and the image is captured.

The picture can then be found int he gallery of the phone as would any normal camera picture be, it can thus be uploaded, shared with face book, blogged (actually I wrote this on the phone using a WordPress agent straight from the phone)

From Jonas comment below I would conclude this is a Galaxy S specific feature that is not android 2.2 common unfortunately.

All of us who like the Android and writes about specific software on the android would love to have this feature implemented so I will suggest it to Google and see what happens in the coming versions on Android.


Are you looking for some nice business cards or would like to make some cool postcards with your own design and pictures? This site can grab your Flickr images and then make business cards, mini cards, post cards and other stuff straight off with your own design.

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I just placed and order for a stack, I will tell you more when it arrives in the mail in a few days…

[Update 2008-10-15]

I got my cards a long time ago but have neglected to update this page, sorry for that. Here it is anyway! Iam thrilled with the service from, they are excellent. My package was sent using New Zealand mail and therefore the Swedish customs charged me import toll fees, even though the package was actually sent from the UK. gave me the money back for that and then some immediately and had a talk with their courier to make sure this would not happen again.

The quality is excellent and I really love the look and feel of these!