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Back home again, it has been three weeks on the road with really bad internet connection in most cases. Can’t belive how lucky we Swedes are with our networks, beats anything I have seen for some time. Even in the five star hotels you can be lucky if you get 128 kbit/s (paid service) and the complimentary is even worse.

Anyway, it’s been great fun as well. I have visited Los Angeles for some site work on a rail tunnel there and then off the same evening to Mexico City for two starting up two rather big coverage projects in television studios and then some other projects as well – coming stuff.

Off from there to the CTIA show in New Orleans which was a great show, lots of interesting people and not to mention Bourbon Street which really appealed to my Jazz nerve directly.

From there I had a short stop at home and then off to Dubai for the TETRA World Congress, a really good show this year, I met several old friends there and it was great fun alltogether.

Now I am resting and chillin’ at home kicking it back, probably gonna take a full day to get all the bills in order after this trip!

Pictures to come a little later.

Train Drive Test

After finishing up the last bits of the project to install coverage in the Stockholm underground Metro system there has now been a drive test conducted.

This is a short video showing some of the activities and some pictures from this more fun side of the job.

For the more technical people out there I can tell you that we are actually measuring several radio services:

Train communication radio

  • RAKEL – swedish blue light services radio
  • Busskom – Our own TETRA network
  • SplitZone – Our own new TETRA network that will in time replace Busskom
  • FM Broadcast – For public service, commercial stations as well and important messages to the public

We also had a visit from the mobile operator Tre that conducted drive test measurement on their 3G network with good results.

The test equipment consists of the following:

  • Laptop logging all the data
  • Doppler radar mounted under the train that gives us the trains movement as 400 clicks per meter. This is connected to a small PIC processor that calculates the current distance always that can be queried from the laptop when necessary to get the current distance.
  • Rhode & Scwarz ESPI test receiver, capable of measuring many frequencies at the same time, in this test we did 19 channels with 7-10 samples per second.
  • GPS for accurate time synchronization
  • Antennas for the various bands being measured
  • Signal generators for uplink signal
  • Amplifiers for the uplink signal to match the levels generated by the train radios
  • Test receivers at the base stations to receive the uplink signals and log them with the same time reference



I have in the past been a very listful person with lists of many aspects in my life. Then came a time when I decided that lists was running me rather than me keeping track of what was necessary and so I stopped using lists to manage my life and actually most of the time when you forget something important someone will remember you.

However I have recently started listing things again and I just wanted to share this wonderful site for everyone who likes lists:

Remember the milk

It’s just lovely. And they have mobile phone clients for iPhone, Android and so on as well. Really nice. Keep as many lists as you want.

My favorite list app on the Android is Astrid — she will remember the things I forget and haunt me (she is a ghost after all) if I don’t do them in time. Great stuff everyone! Astrid can be used with or without syncing with of course. And Astrid means ”Android Simple Task Recording Dashboard”. We <3 Astrid.

Back to work

From as of today I am back at work again. Yay, I have started to miss it so I guess my holiday was really good this year. I had five weeks off now and feel well rested.

Compared to last year when I only had two weeks off…

Exam passed

So today was the day after three days of studying the TRI regs (trafiksäkerhetsinstruktion) and two tunnel walks track side in the Stockholm Metro with the last one guiding a bunch of people watching our for their security and acting as a lookout for oncoming trains I officially passed the category 16 examination.

I missed one point on the examination and got only 49/50 and that was a silly silly mistake because I rushed the question a bit. Darn.

I am now officially allowed to guide people track side, feels pretty good :)