The Summer

Here in scandinavia we live with long cold and foremost dark winters. Tends to make us gloomy and more than a bit depressed but when the summer time comes we can enjoy very long days, the sun rises right now where I am around 3.30 in the mornign and does not set until after nine.

Here are some pictures that to me represents Swedish summer. They were shot near a small cottage that we tend to stay in when we have some time off during the summer.


A beercan to represent the garden parties, the evening barbecues or just quenching thirst on a lazy day in the sun, preferably spent in a hammock with a good book to read.


Cats outdoors are to me an integral part of the summer :-)

Light Summer Reading

To relax and unwind, I generally do a lot of reading in the summertime. Books, magazines and news paper articles all have their place but a real thriller is hard to resist.

The Cup

An old bowl. Reminding of a country idyll that hardly ever existed anyway except in romantic stories and is still deeply rooted in our minds and souls.

Macro Daisy

Macro of a daisy flower, few things reminds me more of summer time than Daisies.