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Addition 2010-01-15: Turns out there already is a Stockholm chapter of hashers! See comments for more info!

Apparently there is an interesting form of running and socializing that is called ”hashing” that goes on out there. Hashing is a form of ”chasing the hare” following a trail through woodlands or cityscape that ends with a party where the runners enjoy good food and drinks. Hashing started in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 1938 when a group of british soldiers started a hare & hounds running group. They named the group after the meeting place the Selangor Club also known as the ”Hash House”. A ”hare” would be given a short head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, soon to be persued by a pack of shouting ”harriers”. Only the hare knows where he is going, the harriers followed his marks to stay on the trail, somtimes the marks where not too easy to spot requiring a bit of problem solving and reaching the end was it’s own reward because at that place thirsty harriers would find a tub of nicely chilled beers. Some call it a drinking club with a running problem. I thought it was quite nice and was wondering if something like this exists here in Stockholm or if we should just get together and start something. How about a 5 km trail that ends up at a nice beer place that would not mind people showing up all worked up and sweaty in their training clothes looking for a meal and drinks. Better wait until summer time hower. Until then check out the New York City hashers. They’re cool!

The Summer

Here in scandinavia we live with long cold and foremost dark winters. Tends to make us gloomy and more than a bit depressed but when the summer time comes we can enjoy very long days, the sun rises right now where I am around 3.30 in the mornign and does not set until after nine.

Here are some pictures that to me represents Swedish summer. They were shot near a small cottage that we tend to stay in when we have some time off during the summer.


A beercan to represent the garden parties, the evening barbecues or just quenching thirst on a lazy day in the sun, preferably spent in a hammock with a good book to read.

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