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Lussebullen by ichimusai
Lussebullen, a photo by ichimusai on Flickr.

Yesterday was a terrible day, we had to put Lussebullen one of our cats down. He was old and started getting lots of problems and he fell asleep quietly in our arms.

But the sadness, oh, the sadness. We miss him terribly and keep seeing him in the corner of our eyes whenever we turn around. It has been a long and hard day. It is strange how much you get attached.

Rest in peace Lussebullen.

Me and the cat "Lusse"

AE-L/AF-L button has 2 hidden functions

Nikon cameras (and most certainly others as well) has a button on the back side of the camera called AE-L / AF-L. The normal function of this button is to lock exposure and auto-focus so that you may recompose the shot and then press the shutter release without the camera attempting a new focus or metering and changing the exposure parameters.

This article will start off on the D70s camera that I have, but should work very similar on most Nikon digital bodies. It may also be the same for Canon and other brands although I have not verified it. If you know, please leave a comment to this effect!

Most people are probably aware that in the camera CSM menu item #15 you can control what this button actually does. The obvious choices here are the following:

  • Lock exposure and auto-focus at the same time (AF/AE mode)
  • Lock only auto-focus (AF mode)
  • Lock only exposure (AE mode)

What people generally do not know is that there are two more modes that are very useful in certain situations. These modes are:

  • Auto focus ON mode (AF-ON mode)
  • Flash metering off mode (FV mode)

They are not so well described in the manual and so you may want to practice a bit with using them! The rest of this article is to describe some situations where they are quite useful:
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