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Hackers Stole Joint Strike Fighter Plans

Hackare piratkopierade Joint Strike Fighter – Ny Teknik.

China vs. Pentagon
China vs. Pentagon

Hackers stole plans for Joint Strike Fighter II. The Swedish paper ”Ny Teknik” (mainly an engineering and technology news paper) reports today that what seems to be Chinese hackers have broken into the most secret parts of Pentagon and stolen the secret plans of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. 

The Wall Street Journal cites that the hacks were performed during 2007 and 2008 and several terbytes of data where stolen.  The attacks came through a supplier in Turkey via the Lockheed facility there.

The american defense forces are now taking measures to increase their IT security. 

The cost of developing the JSF is one of the most prestigious and expensive projects undertaken and the stolen data could possibly be used by someone to analyze the JSF for its weaknesses and develop an effective defense against it.