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Some of my Explored photos

Explore is a function of Flickr where amongs all the photographers that sends pictures to the site a few are selected (500 to be precise) on each day to be included in a kind of hall of fame called the Explore.

The exact criteria for when pictures are included is not known, in fact it is a well kept secret for it is fine-tuned all the time, if you have been in explore many times it gets harder to become picked, if you send a photo to many groups it can be harder but also the number of views, comments, fave markings you get contribute to your Explore score.


1. It was a fabulous moon, 2. Where I am going, 3. The Night Watch, 4. The Small House, 5. The Cat, 6. Grödinge church infrared, 7. Ghost in the Window, 8. Kapelludden Cross, 9. A Second in Life, 10. Pompom and the Sea, 11. DSC_1355, 12. Polished Metal, 13. The Sky and the Snowcovered Lake, 14. Fluxfallet, 15. Strokkur, 16. Fontain Rainbow

Cooliris 1.9

This is a wonderful way of browsing photographic sites such as Flickr and others. It transforms your web browser into a sort of cinematic way to discover the photos and scroll through them.

Although I am not certain exactly what it is good for it is at least impressively fast and very nicely done and it plugs in with Flickr greatly. When checking out someones photo stream it is a lovely little tool.

Get it here.

Flickr Aquaintance: Björn Sahlberg

I met Björn when we met up for an excursion into the Solna Badlands. He seemed to have an affinity for shooting abandoned industrial areas and general industrial environments. Here in Sweden it is increasingly difficult to find abandoned places like this but Björn has recently put up a series of pictures from an abandoned Sugar Mill in the southern part of Sweden. We also had company of another Flickr photographer, Len Lysén.

All pictures in this slide show are Copyright Björn Sahlberg, I have just linked to his Flickr set displaying them as a slide show. Enjoy the tour.


Are you looking for some nice business cards or would like to make some cool postcards with your own design and pictures? This site can grab your Flickr images and then make business cards, mini cards, post cards and other stuff straight off with your own design.

You can even have each card be a complete individual with a different unique picture on each of your business cards.

I just placed and order for a stack, I will tell you more when it arrives in the mail in a few days…

[Update 2008-10-15]

I got my cards a long time ago but have neglected to update this page, sorry for that. Here it is anyway! Iam thrilled with the service from, they are excellent. My package was sent using New Zealand mail and therefore the Swedish customs charged me import toll fees, even though the package was actually sent from the UK. gave me the money back for that and then some immediately and had a talk with their courier to make sure this would not happen again.

The quality is excellent and I really love the look and feel of these!


A lot of people find the background choice of Flickr to be a little annoying, they would prefer for example a black background when viewing someones pictures. There are several hacks to accomodate this and some greasemonkey scripts but one of the simplest is blackr.

Just click the button and it will switch to black.

Click again and it is back to normal. Very few distractions from viewing the picture.

Flickr Scripts

Here are some of my favourite GreaseMonkey scripts for Flickr that I use almost daily:

Flickr Refer Comment
This script allows you to put a small signature when commenting pictures that tells the people where you found the picture. It is a very nice feature and tells people where you are finding their pictures when you comment them – which group, if you are reading through RSS aggregator, in your friends and family collections and so on.
Flickr Buddy Icon Reply
This script allows you to reply with a buddy icon and / or name so that people know who you are responding to when making a follow up comment. Lovely script!
Flickr – Multi Group Sender
This script allows you to pick from a list all the groups you wish to send a photo to. Normally you have to pick one group at a time and from the organiser you can only send a nuber of photos to one group at a time but with this you can send one photo to several groups at the same time.

In order to use any of them you must first install Greasmonkey, a scripting add-on for Firefox that also can be gotten to work with Internet Explorer.

Geotag your photographs

This is going to be a rather lengthy post again but bear with me. It will also be a bit technical so I will have to explain some of the basic technical points before we start on the really nifty things here. But in the end you will learn how to use your GPS receiver to track your movments when shooting outdoor, you will learn how to download this information and use it to geocode your pictures so that when they are uploaded on sites such as Flickr your photographs will automatically appear on the map in the correct location.

The resons for geotagging

It is a way of organising your photographs that is pretty new actually. Never before has it been so easy to know where a certain photograph was taken and it is a great way of finding other people’s photographs from a certain location.

Hacking in the tent
My good friend Torbjörn hacking in the tent

It also means that if you use your GPSr when you are on holiday you know exactly on which spot you were when you took that picture and it is a great way of sharing information about good photographic spots, not to mention that it sort of becomes a photographic diary, tracking your movements around with your camera and GPSr.

There many be also personal reasons for geotagging, for me it started because I am a map freak. I love maps in all sorts of ways and I spend half a fortune on them. These days I mostly use electronic maps because they are more versatile but when I go hiking I always have a paper map as a backup – you never know when electronic will fail you.

There are two kinds of photographers, those who has experienced equipment failure and those who will.

This is very true.
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