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Favourite track – in spring

It smells like ldaybugs outside right now. Today was a little warmer again but later it got back to the chilly spring that we are having. Some years we could go swimming (and enjoy it) in mid May but I am certain it won’t happen this year. But springtime is here and all the dreadful snow is melted away now. Not even the north facing hills on my track had any snow now (which they had last sunday).

The starting point


Toward the cottage "Slammertorp"
At the crossroads
Water from the snow that is now gone...

The old fields close to Slammertorp cottage
This is the best part of the woods, the one I always look forward to when struggling up the hills at the other end, this is where it pays of and you can just enjoy the woods
The open fields - but from the other direction actually. The track goes around this field.
The finish of the first part of the track. You can almost see the starting point way up ahead - but not quite. There is about 1/2 km to the finish from here if you cut it short... wich I did not tonight...
Starting on the second part of the track. It is very much uphill from here now just beyond the part you can see here is one of the toughest hills on the track now.
Also a nice part of the track but it is steeper than the picture shows...
The setting sun makes it all worth it. But now it also gets colder, good there is only about 1 km to go from here
Some playthings for strenthening your abdominals, back and arms

The Padlock

I did not realise it until last time I uploaded yet another picture of my favourite padlock that I have come back to this place over and over again visiting the same place and always stopping to take a picture of that.

I wonder what compelled me to take a photograph of it the first time, but I think I know what it was now, the structure on the steel casing. It is a hard steel casing in stainless steel alloy, hardened to make it difficult to saw into and break yet not too brittle as to be easy to crack with a switft blow of a stone.

The first time I just wanted to see how well my campera would focus and then it became a ritual, now I have shot this padlock with pretty much every lens I have ever used. Strange thing that.

This is the first time I visit the lock with my camera. I used a handy point and shoot at this time, a Nikon 8700, something of a step between your casual point and shoot and an entry-level SLR camera. This was just before I got my Nikon D70s camera. For that camera there was a built-in lens that would extend with 10x zoom factor, roughly in 35mm equivalency probably 24-240 mm focal length. This camera re-ignited my interest for photography and particularly digital photography when I got it for more than four years ago.
Padlock on the gate
This was taken the second time I visited the gate. It has now been painted over and som paint have splashed over it. This was shot with my trusty Nikon D70s that I have used for many years now. These days Jeanette is using it mostly with the fabulous 18-200 mm lens that I came to love so much with that camera. It is the perfect combo really, ready for almost anything at any time and still light weight, truly automatic and easy to use.
Anchor Lock
The last picture is taken with my latest camera the Nikon D300 using the 16-85 mm lens that I use quite often with this camera. The lock is now attacked by some rust in some places, but not badly so and it is a great combination that covers a reasonable wide angle up to normal portrait focal lengths.

Now you have seen three representative pictures of an Anchor padlock. But wait. The one in the middle picture is actually not the same lock. Take a look at the numbers at the top of the lock. In the middle picture the numbers are not the same or are they? Perhaps the lock has just been turned around. Or did they chage it and then back again?

The plot thickens.

Kallhälls Marina

När jag ändå redan var nere vid sjön och fotograferade Bolinders gamla fabriker så passade jag på att ta några bilder vid marinan när solen stod lågt. Detta är en av dessa bilder.

Wide angle harbour

When I was down at the old Bolinder factories to take some pictures I walked over to the near-by marina as well and shot some pictures with a low sun in the sky. This is one of the pictures from that shoot.


Old HeaterThis is an old factory where they used to make iron cast wood-fired stoves and other products like that. It is now the home of a broad range of small companies inhabiting the old factory houses. Here are some pictures of the factories that I have taken.

Bolinders grundades 1844 då bröderna Jean och Carl Gerhard Bolinder grundade J. & C. G. Bolinders Mekaniska Verkstads ABKungsholmen i Stockholm. Under de första årtiondena var produktionen inriktad på ångmaskiner, träbearbetningsutrustning och råoljemotorer för till exempel båtar och sågverk. Man producerade också olika sorters gjutna produkter som till exempel vedspisar, kaminer och köksutrustning som stekpannor, grytor, våffeljärn och köttkvarnar.1893 byggde Bolinders sin och Sveriges första motor med intern förbränning. Motorn designades av ingenjör Weyland men var inte så framgångsrik. Istället tog man in ingenjör Rundlöf som konsult och 1897 hade man en tvåtakts råoljemotor som blev en väldig framgång. På 1920-talet hade man en världsandel av 80% av alla fiskebåtar tack vare motorernas pålitlighet, låga bränsleförbrukning och långa livslängd.Efter brödernas död i slutet av 1800-talet togs företaget över av Erik August Bolinder. Vid 1906 ansåg man att lokalerna på Kungsholmen hade blivit för små så man köpte Kallhälls gård eftersom man ansåg Kallhäll i Järfälla hade bra kommunikationer då den låg vid järnvägen mot Västerås och man kunde också använda sjövägen via Mälaren in till Stockholm. 1909 började produktionen i Kallhäll. Man tillverkade då spisar och köttkvarnar samt gjutgods som transporterades sjövägen till fabriken på Kungsholmen. Vid 1919 hade Bolinders 1900 anställda på de båda fabrikerna.1913 byggde Bolinders sin första traktor. Den drevs av en tvåcylindrig tvåtakts råoljemotor på 30 hästkrafter.

Main Street

1932 delades företaget i två delar. Motoravdelningen slogs samman med Munktells i Eskilstuna och fick namnet Bolinder-Munktell. Resten av företaget fortsatte produktionen i Kallhäll under namnet Bolinders Fabriks AB. Under 1930- och 1940-talen tillverkade man Trim utombordsmotor, diskmaskiner, sanitetsgods och emeljerade hushållskärl. Under 1950-talet tillverkade man mycket kylskåp och elspisar men konkurrensen från Elektrolux, Husqvarna och Electro-Helios var svår och 1956 köptes Bolinders Fabriks AB upp av AB Svenska Maskinverken, som då flyttade större delen av sin verksamhet till Kallhäll.

Under andra världskriget tillverkade man mycket utrustning till den svenska försvarsindustrin som till exempel gengasaggregat.

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Older building

Brick Building

Gjutmästare Rosbergs väg

Reflection in old Glass

Old chimney

Brick Facade

Night Watch

Nochnoy Dozor /  The Night Watch
Taken in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden. Using a Nikon D70s, Tamron SP Di 90mm f/2.8 Macro. Post processed in Adobe Lightroom

The night watch is the only thing that stands beteen the darkness and the light. Always vigilant, keeping the walking path safe for those who thread it between dusk and dawn. In the twilight the night watch is relieved by the day watch and they nod to eachother as they pass by — enemies by birth and choice but restricted by the ancient cease-fire between them.

They are old now, older than anyone can imagine and they are not easily seen unless they chose to reveal themselves. Unless you are a seer you may only once or twice in your life time catch a glimpse of the Watch as they move effortlessly through the night.

Three Designs

Grindtorp Brutalism

Twisted Architecture
Example of an architecture referred to as "brutalism". This is in Grindtorp not far from Täby, Stockholm, Sweden

Frosty Neomodernism

Frosty Bench
Bench at the local train station in Kallhäll, Järfälla, Sweden.


Sumpan in IR
Infrared photograph with a slight overlay of visible light colorization. Sundbyberg in morning light.

Sunday Walk with Camera

I set off on a sunday walk and brought the camera along. On purpose I only took my 50mm lens because I really like to find more and more ways of using it.

Before the Rain
This is a panoramal. I shot seven pictures handheld with the 50mm in portrait orientation, then stitched them togehter in photoshop and added transformations to perspective correct it and then saved it as JPEG. Here is the result. You really should view it large...

Fortsätt läsa Sunday Walk with Camera

Hälleboda in Infrared

I decided to take my bike down to the nearby lake Mälaren where there is an old steam boad jetty and used to be a small cottage farm. This place is called Hälleboda and it is said to be haunted by an old lady, the last inhabitants of Hälleboda.

She is said to have been very mean, she whipped any kids that came too close with a horse-whip and she was generally very much disliked. One night when she was sleeping the house burned down to the ground and she died in the fire. Noone knows what exactly happened but it is told that she still haunts this place.

I decided to shoot some infrared and this is the result.



Fishing boat