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Stockholm Marathon

We went to watch the Stockholm Marathon 2009 today and it was a great party really, so many people everywhere! And so many people running today, it was great to see, a wonderful bunch of people from everywhere running together or spectating.

We had a picnic at Långholmen close to the dreaded bridge Västerbron which is a rather tough part of the track. The runners pass this point twice and I took some pictures from the crowd running.

We were also looking for a couple of people we knew who would be running but since it was really crowded at times I think we missed them all in the crowd. Sorry, we still cheered for you!

The dreaded bridge. It's quite long and the first part is all uphill and terrible. The next part is downhill and also terrible :) Runners pass this at km 12 and km 33.
People running happily about.
The more crowded bunch are coming. Look at all the spectators on the left hand side!
Some was running quite cool, others looked like they'd drop dead. This guy here was cool.
More runners...

Worldwide Photo Walk – Stockholm

Redigerad 080811: Det är nu femtio personer anmälda till WPW-Stockholm och det är fullt hus! Jag hoppas att vi ses nu den 23:e!
Edit 080811: There are now fifty people signed up for the WPW-Stockholm event, which is the limit! Hope to see you on the 23rd!

Link: Worldwide Photo Walk – Stockholm, Sweden | Worldwide Photo Walk.


Den 23 augusti kommer det att anordnas en ”Photo Walk” i flera städer över hela världen. Vi har tur att ha fått en värd för detta event i Stockholm, läs mer om detta på länken ovan och anmäl er.

Antalet platser är begränsat till 50 personer så anmäl er nu om ni vill vara med. Se sajten ovan för mer information om denna Photo Walk.


On the 23rd of August there is a huge event world wide with prices to win for those who take the coolest or nicest picture. We are lucky here in Stockholm that we have got a host for this event.

The number of places are limited to 50 people, so sign up now if you wish to join in! Read more about it on the link above!

Stockholm City