Etikettarkiv: Ekholmen

Course in Nature Photography

So I get home from a weary day and my lovely wife-to-be hands me a surprise. She’s signed me up for and paied for me to go off on a nature and landscape photographic course this Weekend. I was originally looking at this course several months ago but decided I did not presently have the budget to do it and here I come home to one of the best surprises in my life.

As usual the course holders Janne Hägerholm (email, homepage) and Laszlo Incze (email, homepage) was doing a splendid job and we had such good fortune with the weather. Yesterday was a bit cloudy and here are the pictures from this day, good light definitely and wonderful in many ways.

Day 1 pictures

Infrared Autumn

Lead Lake

Fungi on Fungus

Golden Leaf


Pretty fly for an insect

Drying Wood

Today we had brilliant sunshine instead and that was great too, for a different kind of photography where we could concentrate on the autumn colours and forget a little about the broad sweeping landscapes that are more difficult in these light conditions.

Day 2 pictures



Waiting field


Goes on

Leaf with Drops

Autumn Colours

IR Landscape