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Course in portrait photography

Again together with we arranged a nice portrait photo course and as usual we had two days of incredible fun in the studio ending with a model shoot at the Sunday afternoon.

Återigen hade vi tillsammans med ordnat en porträttfotokurs och som vanligt hade vi två dagar av mycket roliga stunder, teori och praktik varvat och avslutade med att fotografera en modell.

Model look
Model shoot


We had a photo course this weekend and the last day we had a visit from Sally, a great model for the students to practice shooting using model lights and bouncers and everything else that goes with it.


Denna helg eller weekend som det heter på svenska har vi haft en fotokurs i studion. Här har vi Sally som kom över idag och hjälpte till som modell så att kursdeltagarna skulle ha något att fotografera.

Course in Nature Photography

So I get home from a weary day and my lovely wife-to-be hands me a surprise. She’s signed me up for and paied for me to go off on a nature and landscape photographic course this Weekend. I was originally looking at this course several months ago but decided I did not presently have the budget to do it and here I come home to one of the best surprises in my life.

As usual the course holders Janne Hägerholm (email, homepage) and Laszlo Incze (email, homepage) was doing a splendid job and we had such good fortune with the weather. Yesterday was a bit cloudy and here are the pictures from this day, good light definitely and wonderful in many ways.

Day 1 pictures

Infrared Autumn

Lead Lake

Fungi on Fungus

Golden Leaf


Pretty fly for an insect

Drying Wood

Today we had brilliant sunshine instead and that was great too, for a different kind of photography where we could concentrate on the autumn colours and forget a little about the broad sweeping landscapes that are more difficult in these light conditions.

Day 2 pictures



Waiting field


Goes on

Leaf with Drops

Autumn Colours

IR Landscape